With spring on the horizon, it is time to get your garden ready for the busy, hectic gardening season ahead.

Whilst gardening in Lancashire may take a few more weeks to ensure the frost has completely dissipated, there are jobs you can start to do now to be ready for a brisk start to the spring gardening season.

Get Your Tools Ready

One of the last jobs to do before winter is to clean and put away your tools, but if your trowel, forks and secateurs are looking the worse for wear, clean and sharpen them to ensure they work correctly.

This is the time to replace any tools that have fallen apart as well, such as gardening gloves with holes in them, to ensure you go around your garden as efficiently and safely as possible.

As well as this, spring is the perfect time to clean and disinfect your greenhouse, removing grime, moss and algae to make it a more pleasant place to thrive.

Start Pruning Evergreens And Early Bloomers

One of the earliest jobs to do once the frosts begin to lift is to prune back hedges, evergreen shrubs, and roses, which tend to grow less in the winter months and thus can ideally be trimmed and pared back for a beautiful, neat look.

As well as this, if you grow dogwoods and willows, these should also be pruned in preparation for the new gardening season.

Trim Dead And Unkept Leaves

Early spring is a great time to take stock of the leaves and shrubs that have survived the season, and which have become unkempt or died in the winter frost and storms.

Check for signs of wildlife before you start trimming plants, however, as an overgrown piece of shrubbery may have become the home of hibernating mammals over the winter months.