With the first flush of spring fast approaching, many people are starting to prepare for the new season and help their garden recover from the chilly winter months.

However, whilst many gardeners are getting ready for the first mow of the year or to sow and feed the lawn, others are instead reaping the benefits of using synthetic lawns instead, which do not require the same level of maintenance.

Whilst the key benefit of having artificial turf in Lancashire is to avoid the hassle of lawn repair after a bitterly cold and wet winter, there are other surprising benefits of having an artificial lawn that emerge during the springtime.

Avoiding Pests, Weeds And Disease

Natural grass, depending on local soil conditions, can sometimes require considerable attention, time and money to keep looking healthy, with the use of weedkilling and pest control products.

This can be incredibly rewarding for the dedicated, but for people who do not have the time to spare, a modern artificial lawn can be a highly attractive alternative.

No Puddles Of Mud

After a spell of rain, there is a chance that a lawn will start to develop muddy puddles, which little and furry feet can bring into your home.

During particularly heavy storms, this can lead to a waterlogged lawn, which can cause permanent damage to topsoil and by extension your natural grass.

Artificial lawns have built-in drainage systems that reduce the pooling of water, and due to not relying on water to survive and thrive, continue to look good regardless of the weather.

No Need For Fertiliser

Mulching, composting and buying fertiliser are fundamental parts of keeping a healthy, attractive looking lawn, but an artificial lawn by design retains its lustre all year round and can save a homeowner money on expensive gardening products in the long run.