It is vital to ensure you keep your gardening tools in the best condition possible so you can get the most out of your garden during busier and warmer seasons. Blunt secateurs and loose handles on spades and forks are no use when you’re tackling an overgrown garden.

However, with the right care, your tools will be ready for gardening in any season. Storing your tools correctly will ensure they remain intact and in good shape, but first, you should know how to get them clean and ready for winter storage.

How to prepare your gardening tools for winter

As the colder seasons arrive, jobs in the garden start to become fewer once the bulk of your winter vegetable seeds and bulbs have been planted, before storing your tools in the shed for winter, you should give them a little TLC to make sure they clean and ready to hibernate for the season.

Stowing away your garden tools with grass cuttings or soil left on the surface can result in rust and corrosion if left for the winter.

How to clean garden tools

Cleaning your tools is as easy as giving them a quick hose down and a polish to clean the metal components, but these simple steps are vital to prolonging the lifespan of your favourite garden tools.

Using a hose or a bowl of warm water, rinse your tools to get rid of loose dirt and dust, then leave to dry before checking each tool for defects, rust, loose fittings, or excess dirt and grime.

Polish mental handles and surfaces, and lubricate shears and loppers to ensure they are in the best possible condition. Rub down wooden handles with a clean cloth and linseed oil to moisturise the wood.

How to store your gardening tools

Once clean and polished, ensure your storage keeps them away from rain, wind, and the winter weather. The best place to store tools is somewhere dry, such as the shed or the garage.

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