Now that the weather’s improved, it’s the perfect time to take a look at your decking to see if it needs any care and attention. Doing it now, during the summer months, means that it will be able to weather the winter far better and you won’t have to be out in the wind and rain, fixing problems.

Start by cleaning your deck area, giving it a good sweep from top to bottom. Look through the boards to see if there’s any debris that needs removing and if you find anything, use a screw-in hook in the end of a broom and drag it through the cracks to lift it out.

Once you’ve finished sweeping, you can get the pressure washer out and give the decking a good clean. If the deck is particularly dirty, you’ll find it very satisfying watching it all get washed away!

You’ll then need to wait for the wood to dry completely before you do anything else, so you can head in for a well-earned cup of tea and return to the job the next day.

After a good night’s sleep, you can think about sealing the decking, an important step because it will help protect it against sun and water damage. Sealing is an easy job – you just need to use a roller and apply two thin coats, making sure no puddles accumulate.

Something to look out for when cleaning the deck are signs of rotting wood, split boards and loose nails. All of these can be hazardous, especially in wet weather, so deal with issues as and when you find them.

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