Winter can be a quiet time in the garden, many of the plants are dormant, and it can be a bit too cold to sit and enjoy it even on the sunniest of days. Should your green fingers be itching to get out and spend some time in the garden, there’s still plenty that can be achieved. Lancashire gardening and landscaping experts have a guide for you.

Country Life magazine has a month by month guide on all-year round jobs for the garden, but for now, let’s have a look at the winter months.

When the snow and ice arrive, be sure to brush heavy snow from trees and shrubs, but allow the ice to melt on its own. Any damaged limbs should be pruned as soon as possible to prevent further damage and tearing of the bark. Avoid walking on snow covered and frozen lawns as this can injure grass turf.

It’s a time of year when the vast majority of your gardening tools will be going unused, sitting in the shed. It’s a good time to spend some time reorganising your tools, and having a clear out. Sharpen any tools that require it, and keep them stored with the metal blades in a pot filled with clean sand and vegetable oil to protect against the winter.

Pruning is a good idea for deciduous plants in winter, as with the plants being dormant, they are less likely to transmit disease or attract insects. Wait for a mild, sunny day, and take advantage of being able to see the bare branches clearly.

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