If you are into the best gardening Lancashire has to offer, then don’t hang up your boots just yet.

There is still time to make some much needed winter preparations to the garden, so get cracking before time runs out.


Wrap up plants

If you have tender plants in your garden then make sure you get these under horticultural fleece before the cold snap hits.  These will raise the temperature of the air a degree or two which will prevent the worse of the frost damage.


Move pots

If you have tender plants in pots then you can move these indoors or to a more sheltered area. Moving plants next to buildings, once they have died back, keeps them out of the harshest cold and wind which may make all of the difference.


Take cuttings

This is the time to take hardwood cuttings such as roses, dogwoods or elders. Put them in potting compost and keep in a greenhouse. Don’t forget them or they will dry out.


Plant trees and shrubs

It is also the time to put in bareroot trees and shrubs, which are dormant at the moment. Putting them in now means that they will get a head start in the spring when the warm weather encourages them to grow.


Plant garlic sets

You also have a little bit more time to get your garlic sets in. By getting your garlic sets in now you will ensure that they will experience enough of the colder weather to clove properly.

Garlic famously needs 30 nights below 4C in order for it to clove properly later next year, before harvesting.