Brian May, the 73 year-old-old guitarist from legendary British rock band Queen has told how gardening has kept him busy while recovering from the heart attack and stomach haemorrhage he suffered last year and added that it helped keep him in a positive frame of mind.

The Daily Express reports that May thought he had got sciatica following some heavy lifting and tree pruning, but then suspect ted he contracted the coronavirus while on tour in the Far East, just before the pandemic reached the UK.

“I then had a heart attack and the medication for that gave me a stomach haemorrhage, which was the closest I’ve come to death,” he said.

He added that he considers himself to be a ‘naturally depressive person’, but getting outside and busy in his garden has benefitted him over the past year.

Brian told Gardeners’ World Magazine: “It’s central to life. I’m conscious that I’m so lucky to have greenery around me – without it, I think my brain would explode. It helps me balance.”

“I’m someone who tends to feel problems very close-up and gardening is such a help, it’s one of life’s great therapies.”

May explained that his love of gardening only developed late in his adult life, saying that as a child he considered mowing the lawn to be a chore, but when he bought his first house 40 years ago, he enjoyed discovering what could be done.

“I love this feeling of being in touch with life. There is something about gardening that grounds you and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.”

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