Most of us are looking forward to a long-awaited break this Christmas, being able to enjoy being with loved ones and not having to rush around anywhere. Those who are taking time out and plan on relaxing at their home over the next week might like the opportunity to look out on to their beautifully landscaped garden, and try to spot some of the beautiful winter birds that may drop by.

Here are just a few winged friends to keep an eye out for this Christmas.


  • Robin

Robins are just as much part of Christmas as mince pies and mistletoe, so see if you can spot a few red-breasted birds in your garden over the next week.

As well as its distinct colouring, you’ll be able to distinguish a robin from other similar-looking birds, such as wrens, by its soft and melodic song, being one of the only birds to continue singing throughout the winter.


  • Wrens

While wrens are also known to sing, their tune is much louder and bolder. You can also identify these small birds by their stocky, rounded appearance, brown feathers, long legs and short tails.

These birds can be spotted all year round, so there is a good chance you might see a few over Christmas. However, if winter persists for several months, sightings might become less frequent.


  • Blue tit

A few lucky people might see blue tits in their garden at this time of the year, although they could be upside when they are spotted. This is because they feed hanging from the branch – and they typically spend a long time feeding during winter, consuming as much as 30 per cent of their body weight during daylight hours to help them survive the long, dark nights.

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