When it comes to deciding how you want your garden to look, it might be worth thinking about your favourite colours and which ones enhance your mood before you go shopping for trees and flowers.

Top garden designer Tom Massey – who will be showing his Perennial Sanctuary Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July, inspired by Japanese designs and zen gardens – believes that you don’t have to devise a show garden of your own in order to create a positive atmosphere outside, the Guernsey Press reports.

He advised coming up with a particular colour palette to help inspire your moods. Orange, he explained, denotes fascination, enthusiasm, creativity and happiness, while yellow is more associated with intellect, joy and a sense of warmth.

Purple, meanwhile, is linked to wisdom and dignity, while lilac and lavender shades are very restful as well. Blue, on the other hand, is all about depth and stability, loyalty, trust, confidence and calm.

As for the actual plant and flower species you’re interested in, Mr Massey had this to say: “Different forms and textures can be visually exciting and stimulating, but if you have one single species it can create a calming, restful environment.”

If you want to find out more about gardening in this way, get in touch with charity Thrive, which uses gardening to help disabled or ill people, or those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or isolated – known as social and therapeutic horticulture. Read this article about how gardening helped Stuart, who has epilepsy and learning difficulties, reduce his anxieties and connect better with people.

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