Looking forward to 2021, experts have been making predictions for how we will tend to and use our gardens. We wanted to have a look at a few of the expected trends for ourselves!

Will you have a brightly coloured, bold and daring garden? Or take one a more relaxed approach to create a wildflower garden, or perhaps you’ll fill it with fabulous fruit and veg. People are seeing more of the benefits of their gardens, as well as move towards more sustainability.

Environmentally minded

One of the current trends that will continue to grow will be a focus on sustainability and planting styles that will help encourage pollinators and wildlife to help gardeners become greener.

Maximum use

One massive change is going to be about making a garden that is right and appropriate for the individual to use, and how people are going to maximise the space.

With more people working from home at least through to the spring months, they will be considering how the garden can be used throughout the day, where the sun falls in the morning, the best spot for Zoom calls, and where to place furniture to sit and relax with a coffee.

Jungle vibes

Many may consider going tropical, with banana plants, cannas and citrus, and dense planting with pops of bright colour. Whether it is a few statement plants or a garden filled with exotic greenery, you will be transported to an outdoor oasis.

Exercise space

Without being able to get to the gym, many will continue to exercise at home, and the garden will become the new gym. Also, many people have discovered how gardening can be wonderful exercise.

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