Timber will always be a popular choice for homeowners keen to invest in fencing for their Lancashire home, as it looks stylish while providing both privacy and security. But you do need to make sure that you look after your investment so that it stands the test of time and weathers properly over the years.

Do some research into the different oils, preservatives and stains you can buy on the market these days to help extend the life of the fencing. Paint now comes mixed with weather preservatives so you can have any design of fence you want while protecting the wood at the same time.

Always make sure that your fence is clean before you apply your wood stain and wait for it to dry completely before staining, as it won’t take to wet wood. And try to stain your fence when it’s in the shade or on a cloudy day, because if you do it in the sun it will dry too quickly and won’t have time to soak into the wood.

Keep a close eye on the timber itself when treating the fence, so you can spot any damage and repair it as soon as you find it before it has the chance to worsen. You can use glue to repair minor damage like splits or small cracks.

Also, look out for loose boards and tighten them up as you go. It’s natural for screws and nails to work themselves loose over time, but you can replace these with stainless steel screws, keeping them in place with caulk.