Mid-summer is the perfect time for garden-lovers, when flowering plants are at their peak, and you can enjoy long warm afternoons on the patio. Here are some tips to keep your garden looking its best at this lovely time of year.

1. Tend to the lawn

If the weather has been warm and dry, it’s best to give your grass a boost with some lawn feed, which will help to maintain its lush green appearance. Spike the turf first with a garden fork to help the nutrients and water sink in. If the blades on your lawn mower are set low, raise them a notch to avoid creating bare patches, and help the grass retain moisture.

If you struggle with a sparse lawn, or the task of weekly mowing is getting too arduous for you, it may be worth looking into having some artificial grass laid. There are different types to suit ornamental lawns, or those which have heavy foot traffic and are used for sports, so do some research into which type would suit you best.

2.Thin out fruit trees

If you are lucky enough to have an apple, pear, or plum tree in your garden, it is likely to be producing abundantly at this time of year. However, large quantities of heavy fruits can block sunlight to the core of the tree, and soak up all the available moisture and nutrients. This will result in disappointing yields later on in the summer.

Remove all excess and damaged fruits from the tree, and prune any unwanted branches which are spoiling the overall shape of the tree.

3. Top up kitchen garden crops

If you are growing crops such as tomatoes, pepper, and cucumber, feed them regularly with a high potash fertiliser for best results. Pinch out side shoots of tomatoes, so the growing energy is directed into the main plant.

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