Landscaping A Top Project This Winter

With the winter months upon us, you might have thought that most people would be neglecting their outdoor spaces in favour of focusing on their interiors.

However, it seems that landscaping is a popular home improvement project at this time of year, and of the homeowners planning to carry out some kind of DIY before the end of December, landscaping was the second most popular project, new research from AA Financial Services found.

Decorating was the only activity that ranked higher than work in the garden, DIY Week reported. In fact, nearly one-fifth of homeowners intend to do some kind of landscaping work in the coming weeks, spending an average of £887 on their chosen project.

The news provider noted that this is also an average of £91 more than people were spending in the third quarter of the year.

If you’d like to do some work on your garden, but don’t fancy spending too long outdoors at this time of year, call in some help with your landscaping in Lancashire.

This is great for large-scale changes to your outdoor space, but don’t forget that you can also hire a gardener to help keep your garden in good condition throughout the colder months.

The Enfield Independent recently shared some advice on how to keep your outdoor space flourishing this winter. At the top of the list is to clear up – that means getting rid of fallen leaves and old summer crops that will simply decay over the winter if left alone.

If you grow your own fruit and veg, this is also a good time to spread an extra layer of compost or manure on your beds to give the soil a nutritional boost over winter.

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