When it comes to turfing, here at Scenic Landscapes we like to provide our customers with a couple of options, because we know that not everybody is the same and some people like an easier life than others. We offer the option of turfing your lawn, allowing your grass to grow and tightly knit itself together, giving you a luscious, beautiful green lawn that you can mow when it suits you till your heart is content. Some people love to just leisurely mow their lawn on a sunny day and take great pride in the fact that they have helped nurture it.

10893529_824344657624913_1927803153_nThis is not the case with everybody though we also know that some people like an easy life and are happy to have something down that completely looks the part and is also completely maintenance free. This allows them to live a relaxed life without the need to continuously nurture their grass area and without the need to look after it and mow it regularly. So this is why we offer general turfing and artificial grass or artificial turfed areas.

We have been turfing and laying artificial grass for many years now and it really can help to transform a garden and highlight other areas of the garden, there’s nothing better than laying turf and then seeing it come together and grow turning your garden area into a nice green lawn area. The beauty of artificial grass is that it of course doesn’t need maintaining once it’s down. There is no problem with it ever dying, it will look great all year down and obviously it is ideal for the winter months when the weather is bad. You can allow the dogs to go out without fear of traipsing mud through the house or you can allow the children out without them getting covered in mud also. One thing that will never happen again…is you mowing it.

So if you live in Lancashire, in Burnley, Barrowford, Nelson, Colne or Fence or in any of the surrounding towns and require your lawn turfing with real or fake grass, give us a call.