If you’re thinking of getting some help with landscaping in Lancashire in the new year, one gardening expert has recommended including conifers in your plans.

Writing for the Telegraph, Matthew Pottage explained that conifers and other evergreen plants “have their purpose in any garden”. He noted that in winter they can be a good addition to a garden by providing some green to an otherwise dreary space, or that they can be good at providing privacy all year round.

However, he cautioned that you need to think carefully about where conifers will fit into your garden design.

“As with any exotic-looking plants, it takes a skilled designer or gardener to place conifers in a setting where they can add real value and not look alien and out of place,” Mr Pottage stated.

He also pointed to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where there have been some “brilliant examples of conifer artistry” in recent years – which could give you some inspiration on how to include these evergreen shrubs or trees in your outdoor space.

Pines have been used by a number of garden designers at the famous flower show in the past two years, he noted, adding that such plants can add textures and contrast to your planting.

If you’re looking for gardening jobs to do this month ahead of Christmas, you should be focusing on protecting plants from the extreme cold. Moving pots with young or tender plants indoors or to a more sheltered area is advisable, as well as putting such plants under a horticultural fleece.