We’re heading into November now and the weather is certainly getting colder day by day, so now’s the time to look outside and see what jobs need to be done in order to get your garden ready for winter.

It’s important to make sure that your garden is ready to withstand what the winter months have to throw at it, so you can continue to enjoy your outside spaces in spring and summer – and there are quite a few essential jobs that need doing right now.

Take a look outside and if you see lots of fallen leaves, make sure you rake these up as soon as you can to prevent slippery paths, which can be quite dangerous. But don’t throw your leaves away – they make great compost and can be used elsewhere in the garden.

Now’s also the perfect time to cut your roses back, so you can protect them from wind rock over the next few months. Wind rock is where plants are rocked all the way down to their roots in high winds, which can damage the root hairs that uptake nutrients to keep your plants healthy. If these are damaged, your plants could die!

And, of course, you need to take good care of any grassy areas you have at home. Rest it as much as you can and stay off it when it’s wet or frosty, as it can damage easily and it won’t repair itself until spring.

Use a light rake or brush to clear your lawn of any debris and leaves, as these will trap moisture and encourage worms and disease. To improve drainage and relieve compaction, aerate it using a fork or spiking machine.

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