With spring now here and the prospect of being able to welcome friends round to sit in your back yard now a reality, many people across Lancashire will have been at work getting their gardens ready for the summer.

Whether it is working on plants, giving the lawn its first mow of the year or applying a lick of paint to the fence, there is much that can be done to get things looking in good shape.

At the same time, if you have a patio it is important not to neglect it. It is important to keep it scrubbed clean and any weeds lurking in cracks should be dealt with.

However, no patio lasts forever and some may have been damaged by excess usage or having heavy things placed on it.

The good news is that if you do need to lay a new patio, spring is the best time to do it. You wouldn’t want to leave it until summer because that’s when you would want to use it, but the spring is a good time because you won’t have the winter problems of frost and freeze-thaw to deal with. 

That said, patios in Lancashire are subject to a capricious climate, so you will need to cover any new patio to keep the April (and May) showers off while work progresses.

Many people like to lay a new patio on a DIY basis and it’s not hard to find how-to guides out there. However, it is worth noting that these tend to focus on installing a patio from scratch, which means preparing the ground, laying down the aggregate and levelling it off before adding the paving.

If you are replacing a patio, less work will be required. Once old stones have been removed, a new layer of sand will be required, after which you need to check all is still level before the new pavings are laid.

So if you do need to renew your patio, rest assured it is a relatively simple job compared to installing a new one from scratch. The only real difficulty will be choosing whether to replace the old patio with a pristine like-for-like replacement, or go for a new style.