Now the days are getting longer and warmer, you may be paying more attention to your garden. If you feel you are not using it to full advantage, it is worth considering a re-design, large or small. Here’s how to start transforming your garden into a practical and attractive outdoor space.

1. Look for inspiration

Have a look around at public gardens, friends and neighbour’s gardens, and carry out internet searches to help you form ideas about what your ideal garden should contain. Free websites such as Pinterest allow you to collate galleries of your favourite photographs, and create a digital mood board.

2. Consider your plot

There may need to be some compromise between your ideal garden, and the size and shape of the land that is available. Go for a balanced layout, with features such as beds and patios in proportion to the size of the plot, and the style of your house.

3. Create levels

If your garden is sloping, but you would prefer a flat area for the children to play on, you could have a split-level lawn and patio area created. For a softer version, integrate some grass and stone steps at one end of the garden.

4. Build pathways

A stone or gravel pathway between different zones of your garden looks attractive, and also prevent muddy tracks developing on your lawn during wet weather. Choose a style of stone that complements your patio or house, to create a sense of harmony.

5. Plant shielding features

If you have near neighbours, you may want to incorporate hedges, shrubs or even trees to create a private sitting area. Laurel hedges are ideal for garden barriers, as they are evergreen, fast-growing, easy to maintain, and have dense attractive green foliage.

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