Artificial grass and turf have come a long way since it was first invented in 1965 when it looked more like a lime-green carpet. Nowadays, artificial grass is cleverly manufactured using soft, textured blades in a variety of shades of green to look just like the real thing.

You might simply want a maintenance-free lawn to enjoy, or perhaps have plans to construct a sports pitch, either way, artificial grass is a perfect choice. But there are many myths about it, so we’re here to tell you the facts!

Here are five of the most common myths about artificial grass:

1. It looks fake

Not only does the latest artificial turf in Lancashire look real, but it also looks better than real. The variety of texture and colour – including some greeny-brown blades for authenticity – looks luxurious, and feels soft underfoot. Many people will not even know it is artificial.

2. It’s not pet-friendly

If you have pets that tend to leave brown patches in the garden from peeing, then artificial grass is the answer. It is designed so that water (and other liquids!) drain away, and it can be hosed off with a sanitising spray.

3. It’s not suitable for high-use areas

Artificial grass was developed for sports facilities, and it needed to be durable for the use it would be getting. However, do check with your supplier beforehand if it is likely to get very heavy use.

4. It’s installed on soil

Artificial grass is typically installed on a compacted aggregate base, or over concrete, pavers, decks, and balconies. It is similar to the installation of concrete or paving stones, ensuring that water can drain away and that the surface will not sink over time.

5. It’s bad for the environment

There’s no mowing, fertilising, or watering needed, which can instantly cut down your carbon footprint. You will conserve water, and avoid introducing pesticides and herbicides into the local environment, and there will be much less garden waste to dispose of.

If you want to enjoy the convenience and beauty of a lush, green lawn all-year-round, and want artificial turf in Lancashire, then get in touch today.