Top Gardening Trends For 2019 Revealed

If you’ve been thinking about making some changes to your outdoor space in 2019, you may want to consider some of the top garden trends as identified by the Society of Garden Designers.

Country Living shared the top trends as identified by experts at the organisation, and it seems our gardens are set to become more colourful and more sociable spaces in 2019.

Bold and brightly coloured plants will become increasingly popular, according to Darren Hawkes, who also expects clashing colours to become more of a feature in our planting.

Wildflower meadows, however big or small, aren’t going away either. It’s a design feature that many have been experimenting with this year and it’s set to continue into 2019. Although they can take a few years to fully establish, Sue Townsend explained that they “provide interest from April to late November with relatively little maintenance”.

If you’re redoing your garden boundary, you may want to explore the use of log walls, which are said to be all the rage among designers, or you might prefer to opt for gabion-style walls.

For larger garden revamps, you may want to get some help with groundworks in Lancashire to ensure everything comes together as you hope.

Another trend is that for creating more wildlife-friendly gardens. In particular, spaces that support hedgehogs will become increasingly popular as more people wake up to the plight of these adorable native creatures.

It seems that many of us are hoping to make some changes to our gardens this winter, after an AA Financial Services survey found that landscaping was the second most popular DIY project among Brits this winter, second only to decorating.

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