Britain In Bloom Competition To Be Televised!

Attention all you green-thumbed gardening enthusiasts – one of the longest-running horticultural competitions is about to be televised for the very first time from next year, so make sure you tie a knot in a piece of string so you can remember to watch it when it gets going on BBC Two.

Britain in Bloom, which has been going since 1964 when horticultural journalist Roy Hay came across some amazing floral displays while travelling through France and was inspired to bring the idea across the pond to the UK, will soon be hitting our TV screens… which is very exciting news indeed!

Jim Buttress, Britain in Bloom judge, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “We had to do something to recognise the guys who get together to clean up some filthy needle-strewn alleyway and put in a few plants, and the little old lady in the block of flats who always puts out a box of flowers.”

More than 3,000 different organisations take part in the competition every year, with the focus being galvanising community action to really transform the outdoor spaces of villages and towns around the country.

Communities of all sizes can take part in the contest, from tiny villages to the biggest of cities. Some of the groups involved are run purely by volunteers, while others choose to team up with their local council. Each summer, those taking part are assessed in three areas – horticultural achievement, community participation and environmental responsibility.

Activities are selected to meet the relevant local needs, such as caring for local parks and squares, organising clean-up events, helping to run wildlife projects and creating wildflower meadows.

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