Master Companion Planting To Protect Veg Crops

Have you ever heard of companion planting? Well, if you’re going to set up a vegetable patch in your garden this year then you may want to learn all about it.

The Westmorland Gazette highlighted how companion planting can be used to protect your crops, which means thinking carefully about what vegetables, herbs and other plants you put where.

If you’re going to hire someone to help you with your gardening in Lancashire, they will be able to ensure you get this kind of thing right.

Tom Attwood explained that companion planting is a natural way of protecting crops from a range of issues. He cited the example of carrot plants, which can easily be damaged by the carrot fly.

However, by planting the likes of onions, leeks, wormwood, sage and rosemary by your carrot plants, you can successfully keep the pests at bay.

“The most pungent leaves and stems of those such as the onion family that smell strongly to us will be even more impacting on insects,” Mr Attwood explained. He added that this offers a “safe, chemical-free method” for protecting your crops.

He added that this doesn’t only apply to things you’d grow outside and that the concept can also be extended to your greenhouse. Tomato plants often benefit from being grown around basil, he noted, for instance.

However, you need to be careful, as some herbs can inhibit the growth of some vegetables if they’re planted too close together. Doing some research and getting tips from experts is the way to go.

Aside from the joy of growing – and then eating – your own produce, setting up a veg patch could benefit you in other ways. Business Insider UK recently highlighted research showing that cancer survivors can improve their physical activity levels, introduce more fruit and vegetables into their diet and improve their self worth by getting involved in vegetable gardening.

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