Landscaping Your Lancashire Garden ‘Can Conserve Energy’

Exploring professional landscaping for your Lancashire property not only brings the perfect garden to your home, but can have added energy-efficiency benefits.

This is according to an article in, which encourages property owners to consider how landscaping could lead to more natural light coming into the home, therefore using less electricity for artificial lighting and how the infiltration of a breeze could limit the need for fans and air conditioning.

Moreover, plantlife can help to insulate your home and protect your garden and house from the elements.

If your home is bright enough, then you might consider landscaping for shade, which has the knock-on sustainability benefit of protecting your home from the harshest cold temperatures, resulting in a reduced need for heating. In summer, a well-shaded house benefits from feeling cooler.

Landscaping is also recommended to protect homes from the wind, which can damage a property and result in heat loss. Indeed, the report claims landscaping that shelters a home from the wind could lead to up to 25 per cent energy savings, as shrubs planted around the house block cracks leading to draughts, and provide a thermal barrier.

Pergolas and lattice fencing were found to be an effective added layer for a property, while trees are excellent wind barriers.

Trees and shrubs may be able to fortify your garden fence this autumn and winter as AccuWeather has reported that the latter part of 2017 is likely to be very stormy, with periods of heavy rain and strong wind forecast to batter the UK.

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