Chelsea Flower Show Tackles Plastic And Pollution

If you’re in the process of landscaping your garden in Lancashire, there’s one event each year we all wait for to hear about the latest and greatest garden trends: the Chelsea Flower Show. This year, it takes place on the 22nd – 26th May, and this year is sure to be spectacular.

The focus of this year’s show gardens will be regarding pollution, and more specifically the problem of plastic, which has dominated headlines over the past year.

According to ITV News, displays at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society event will focus on urban green spaces and how they deal with all kinds of issues – including air pollution and more severe weather conditions, linked to global warming.

One garden display, The Pearlfisher Garden, designed by John Warland, is looking at the specific issue of plastic sustainability in regards to protecting our oceans – a concern which came to the forefront after the BBC’s latest Blue Planet documentary opened the public’s eyes to the problems plastics were causing for marine life. Oceans might be an unusual subject matter for a garden, but this garden is different – featuring aquatic tanks with striking coral sculptures, marine plants and even live fish. The garden wall is made up from 500 plastic bottles.

Another garden, created by Kate Gould, looks to build a garden paradise in the middle of a city. The New West End Garden features paving slabs which generate energy by being walked on, that also pumps clean air into the local environment.

The garden will be re-homed in Westminster after the Chelsea Flower Show closes.

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