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Gardeners Called To Protect Bees This Summer

Gardeners were reminded to do everything they can to protect bees in the UK with the annual Don’t Step On A Bee Day event. Friday July 10th marked the awareness day to promote bee safety and encourage more people to support British bees in the wild, as it is thought 13 species of solitary and bumblebees have been made extinct since 1900 and 35 more now considered endangered. While bees are valuable for their honey, beeswax and propolis, they are still incredibly vulnerable and many people, particularly those who are fearful of their stings, end up killing them unnecessarily. As a result, Bee Good, which sells products produced by the winged creatures, launched the #DontStepOnABeeDay to raise awareness of their challenge. It aims to remind people to be mindful of bees by not causing them harm, as...

Gardening Jobs For The Summer

As the warmer months arrive, it’s a good time to take stock of the garden and think about what you would like to get from it over the next few months before the days get noticeably shorter again, and autumn arrives once more. The summer solstice is on 21 June every year, giving us over 17 hours between sunrise and sunset, which means there is much more sunlight on your garden, and provision must be made to take care of your plants. Here we have some tips for gardening this summer: Take aubrietia cuttings three inches long and remove the bottom two inches of leaves, then insert in a 50/50 sharp sand and seed compost mix. Keep the box shaded and protected from cats. They should root in four weeks. Place greenhouse ferns in a shady part...

How To Enjoy Gardening And Keep Hayfever At Bay

So many people have turned to gardening as a new hobby during the coronavirus lockdown, and while it is a great pastime with so many benefits, for the 13 million hay fever sufferers in the UK, the spring and summer months can be a challenge.

If you’ve been a purchased your pots and seeds and the essential gardening tools, and want to benefit from being able to work in the garden, then we have some tips to help hay fever sufferers enjoy a beautiful garden.

Keeping the lawn short during the summer months helps to prevent the growth of lawn flowers and means less grass pollen is released into the air.

Flower diversity is...

How To Keep Your Decking In Good Condition

Now that the weather’s improved, it’s the perfect time to take a look at your decking to see if it needs any care and attention. Doing it now, during the summer months, means that it will be able to weather the winter far better and you won’t have to be out in the wind and rain, fixing problems. Start by cleaning your deck area, giving it a good sweep from top to bottom. Look through the boards to see if there’s any debris that needs removing and if you find anything, use a screw-in hook in the end of a broom and drag it through the cracks to lift it out. Once you’ve finished sweeping, you can get the pressure washer out and give the decking...

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