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Britain In Bloom Competition To Be Televised!

Attention all you green-thumbed gardening enthusiasts – one of the longest-running horticultural competitions is about to be televised for the very first time from next year, so make sure you tie a knot in a piece of string so you can remember to watch it when it gets going on BBC Two. Britain in Bloom, which has been going since 1964 when horticultural journalist Roy Hay came across some amazing floral displays while travelling through France and was inspired to bring the idea across the pond to the UK, will soon be hitting our TV screens… which is very exciting news indeed! Jim Buttress, Britain in Bloom judge, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying: “We had to do something to recognise the guys who get together to clean up some filthy needle-strewn alleyway...

How Gardening Can Improve Your Mood Through Colour

When it comes to deciding how you want your garden to look, it might be worth thinking about your favourite colours and which ones enhance your mood before you go shopping for trees and flowers. Top garden designer Tom Massey – who will be showing his Perennial Sanctuary Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July, inspired by Japanese designs and zen gardens – believes that you don’t have to devise a show garden of your own in order to create a positive atmosphere outside, the Guernsey Press reports. He advised coming up with a particular colour palette to help inspire your moods. Orange, he explained, denotes fascination, enthusiasm, creativity and happiness, while yellow is more associated with intellect, joy and a sense of warmth. Purple, meanwhile, is linked to wisdom and dignity, while...

Slugs & Snails Come Top Of Garden Pest List

If you enjoy a spot of gardening and love watching the landscape change with the seasons, you’re sure to know that there are many garden pests out there that seem to delight in ruining all your hard work. And now the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has revealed the worst of all these garden pests, with slugs, snails and honey fungus coming top of the rundown for 2016. The year before, slugs and snails were actually pushed off the top of the list by the box tree moth, but it seems that gardeners the UK over are finding them troublesome once again. Others featured in the top ten included glasshouse thrips and fuchsia gall mite. The latter was first spotted in the UK back in 2007 and has since become widespread in southern England. These mites...

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